Steamfast SF-320 Portable Steam Cleaner Review

The Steamfast SF-320 Portable steam cleaner has come onto the market as a blessing for people who aren’t able to regularly clean their house for some reason. These portable steam cleaners are extremely efficient and can save you intensive physical effort when cleaning as most jobs can be completed using all the separate tools and equipment. It is also wise to use these machines for excellent time management.

Many parts of the house are difficult to clean. The grout on the bathroom floor or kitchen walls, floor tiles and window corners make cleaning complicated. We all are trying to find a way to clean it. These steam cleaners can naturally sanitize and clean the grout in the most troublesome spaces.

Steamfast SF-320 Portable Steam Cleaner Review
Steamfast SF-320 Portable Steam Cleaner Review


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The fabric that is used for our couches and cushions might not be designed to remove and wash. Vacuuming doesn’t really solve the problem as it can’t clean the dirt off the fabric. Steam cleaners can take on this task too where your fabric get just about damp and can clean the dust and stains on the fabric.

Handy Steam Cleaner by Steamfast

This is a wonder machine that can get your things cleaned like never before! A versatile cleaner machine will be a huge household help and you don’t need to use anything but water and one electric plug. You don’t have to fight over who HAS to clean the apartment, but you will fight over who GETS to clean the apartment. Cleaning becomes fun and everyone wants to do it!

Designed to be praised

The Handy Steam Cleaner has one of the cutest designs among all cleaner. This little piece of equipment looks more like a kettle and comes in a refreshing white color with a hint of blue. It has a long electric cord. You can plug it in and literally carry it in your hand or even keep it anywhere even on a small surface to experience easy cleaning. This weighs merely 5 pounds, so you can carry it in every room. One of the accessories of this product is a shoulder strap allowing you to carry it like a bag.

Heating & Steam Features

You can add water to the tank of this portable steamer and turn the plug on. The water will be heated within 30 seconds. This model can be used with 120 volts only. But it has the output capacity of 1300-watt. It uses a technology called pressurized steaming that allows you to use the steam cleaner for a total of 30 minutes continuously. The steam output is quite powerful and since the steam has a natural cleansing tendency, you don’t have to do anything extra when you’re using this product.

Steamfast SF-320 Portable Steam Cleaner Review
Steamfast SF-320 Portable Steam Cleaner Review

You can control the steam flow manually for a higher or a lower pressure of steam output. You can even stop the steam completely with a steam locking trigger.

Where does it work the best?

This cleaner can clean pretty much everything in your house. Most commonly used to kitchen counters, platforms, walls and tables, this can also get your living room furniture, upholstery and fittings cleaned. You can even clean curtain and sofa fabric and cushions along with glass doors, mirrors and wooden doors. Windows and grills are very easy to clean using this cleaner. This small cleaner can help you a lot when you need to clean your greasy stove as the small nozzle can reach corners and gaps you wouldn’t be able to.


The steamer comes with a variety of accessories to take on cleaning of various parts and objects in your house. About 11 accessories are included with the steamer. There is a large brush and a small nylon utility brush, along with a scrub brush, there is a nozzle and a squeegee included too. These various accessories are very easy to attach and you can choose the accessory once you know what you need to clean.

Apart from all these functional qualities, this steam cleaner is way within your budget. You can get it from various places at less than $100. If you’re not the types to take on heavy-duty cleaning for your home, this affordable steam cleaner can definitely help you as it saves you time and physical effort. It is very easy to use and you can get exceptional cleaning done within 30 minutes.

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