McCulloch MC1350 Portable Power Steam Cleaner Review

McCulloch is one of the leading manufacturers of steam cleaner products that provide spotless cleaning. These products are powerful as opposed to other delicate cleaning equipment. McCulloch makes sure that their products provide powerful steaming for longer duration. Even though the product size is small, their steaming mechanism continues to be as powerful as ever.

Power Cleaner McCulloch MC1350

This is a portable steam cleaning product that can keep your home furniture, outdoor furniture and bigger equipment clean. You can take it along with you anywhere as the products is portable and you only require water and an electric plug to get it working.

McCulloch MC1350 Portable Power Steam Cleaner Review

The power cleaner comes with 15 accessories. Every surface requires a different brushing or mopping technique and the accessories are made as per these varied requirements.

Now say goodbye to scrubs, brushes, mops, buckets, pipes and most importantly, heavy and harmful chemicals that you’ve ever used to get something clean. Add water to the steam cleaner, and take it wherever you want!

What Can You Clean With It?

This steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning and sanitizing wide surfaces. You can clean your home floor tiles using this cleaner. This also works great for cleaning bathroom floors, tiled walls and wooden floors. The grout cleaning needed a lot of effort traditionally, but with the power cleaner, you can clean the grout effortlessly. You can even clean the outsides of your cabinets, mirrors, platforms or doors and windows.

You may have some furniture outside of your home, like coffee tables, chairs and grills. They all can be cleaned easily. You can now stand in comfort and get your car, bike, motorbike, boat cleaned. This cleaner can be of great advantage for garages to clean cars, bus stations to clean buses and even marinas to clean the boats. Automobile wheels and exteriors of various shapes and designs are not a problem to clean anymore.

Heating Mechanism

The best part about this cleaner is that you have to add water in it and it is ready for you to start cleaning. The water capacity of this cleaner is about 42 ounces. Once you add the water to the tank, plug it in and switch it on, it only takes 30 seconds to heat the water. The machine has a light indicator to tell you if the heating is done. The light goes red when the water is being heated, and turns green when the heating process is complete so you can start using it.


Once the water is hot enough, this cleaner provides 50 minutes of continuous steam for undisrupted cleaning process. When the water is about to run out, you can fill water again without having to wait for the machine to cool down. With this constant fill tank feature, you only need to wait 30 seconds for the water to heat again and get another 50 minutes worth of steam for power cleaning. The unit has a steam variable control mechanism as well. It lets you control the flow of steam. You can have a slow steam or a powerful one, depending on your cleaning need.


The power cleaner comes with a bunch of accessories, especially to alter the opening of the steam tube. You will receive a scrapper, a squeegee, a brush which is triangular and one which is round, a large brush, nylon and brass utility brushes, jet nozzle, etc. Depending on what you need to clean, you only need to switch within these accessories and get your steam tube ready within seconds.The unit comes with a 15 feet cord which is efficiently stored in the unit and you can pull it out when needed and put it back when not in use. There is also a storage bag for the accessories.

This Is A Backpack Cleaner

You don’t need to hold this cleaner on your hand or move it manually as you move. This cleaner has removable backpack straps that ensure absolutely effortless mobility. When the cleaner is on your back, you can still use the stem tube easily as it is 4 feet long.

You are looking at one of the most powerful cleaners with the most thoughtful design. This is definitely what you need to make cleaning easy.

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