Jiffy J-2000 Residential Series Steamer Review

The Jiffy J-2000 Residential Series Steamer is a high powered steam cleaning device. It is great for your fabric goods including clothing, drapes and even furniture upholstery. It works by shooting hot steam out of a wide nozzle to moisten and smooth the fabric. This eliminates any wrinkles and gives the fabric a fresh, smooth look. Steamers are widely used by designers in fashion and entertainment. A steamer is far better suited for removing wrinkles than an old fashioned iron. Using an iron can leave your fabric with a telltale “shine” or even burn marks. By using a high quality steamer like the Jiffy J-2000, you never have to worry about any potential downsides.

The easy to use steaming action works perfectly every time with minimal effort. Even if you have never used a steamer before. There are substandard, low quality steamers on the market. The Jiff J-2000 is built with quality and reliability in mind. The hose is attached to the reservoir tank by a strong brass fitting. Something you will never find on a flimsy steamer of lesser quality. And the automatic safety shutoff will let you know immediately if the unit has run out of water. The J-2000 is also built with a stay-cool handle. Ensuring that you never have to worry about the handle getting too hot and burning your hand.

Jiffy J-2000 Residential Series Steamer Review

Jiffy J-2000 Residential Series Steamer Features

  • 1300 watt solid brass heating element (120 volt for North America use only)
  • High-impact plastic outer housing for durability
  • Quick two minute heat-up time
  • 1.5 Hour steam time per filling
  • 5.5-foot hose with 6-inch steam head

Jiffy J-2000 Residential Series Steamer Customer Reviews

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Jiffy J-2000 Residential Series Steamer Customer Reviews

The Jiffy J-2000 Garment Steamer is incredibly popular and well liked. With over 500 reviews on Amazon at the time of this writing, it has managed an incredible 4.5 out of 5 stars average rating. Numerous happy users have left glowing reviews about both the functionality and affordability of the J-2000. Buyers say the steamer heats up quickly. It works very well to remove the wrinkles from their garments and other fabrics.

Other customers reported that when comparing the cost of this steamer to their dry cleaning bills, the Jiffy J-2000 comes out on top. It is saving them money and time consuming trips to the dry cleaner.

Based on the massive number of raving reviews from happy buyers, it is clear that the J-2000 Garment Steamer is a high quality tool. Perfect for replacing your old household iron.Back here to home for Steam vacuum floor cleaners.

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