How Good is the Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer?

This Hard Surface Steamer for the floor is one of the best products that sold for cleaning various marble, laminate, granite, wood and other hard surfaces. The Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer cleans the floor in an effective manner to give a shiny perfection. The steaming technology of this unit has no harsh chemicals to remove the dust and dirt from the floor. Using this floor steamer you can even clean  large floor surfaces and that too in a very short time. The twenty five foot cord allows you a hassle free access of this product all over the house.

This floor steam cleaner uses the power of non toxic steam to clean the dirt from the floors. The additional benefits of this product are: it has simple on and off switch, an adjustable height handle, 6-1/2 amps power, an indicator light for water adjustment, cloth clip etc.

Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer Features and Specifications

  • Shipping weight 10 pounds
  • One year limited warranty
  • Twenty five foot power cord
  • Measures: 49 x 7 x 12-1/2 inches
  • Water level indicator lights
  • This product has an adjustable handle height
  • The products weight: 5 -1/2 pounds when it was empty
  • Harsh chemicals is not required12-1/2 inches cleaning head
  • Simple on and off switch
  • Preheating cooling down tray
  • This floor steamer includes: two steam pads, measuring cup and funnel
  • Consumed power: eight hundred watts
  • Cleaning paths: 12.5 inches

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The Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer Reviews

Our on line research has shown that the Eureka Enviro Hard Surface Cleaner has received mainly positive ratings.. One reviewer says that this floor steamer is good for general every day cleaning. Some also stated that this floor steamer really cleans the floor very well. Especially cleaning the dust and dirt from the floor tile becomes easier. The reviewers agreed with that fact that really no chemical smell comes out after cleaning the floor.

They also said that the handle of this product is strong and it can revolve in any direction which helps the consumers a hassle free access. This unit is really easy to assemble. This model is sturdy and it is a little heavier to go around the house. The reviewers also commented that the steam comes out from the side not from one hole like other floor steamers that are available in the market.


  • Swivel head (a must, can get around objects)
  • No push trigger this means constant steam
  • HIGH heat (220 degrees)
  • Leaver little water on floor
  • Handle can swivel in all directions
  • Good value


  • Flimsy handle
  • Poorer quality cloth pads

This is a good value hard floor steam cleaner, some of you might want something sturdier but you get what you pays for. The cleaning quality and features make this a good option for an entry level steam mop.

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