goLEDgo Steam Mop X5 Floor Cleaner – Environment Friendly

The goLEDgo Steam Mop X5 Cleaner is able to remove dirt and grime quickly and effectively while sanitizing floors. The design of the steam mop allows it to be gently used on any flooring including; wood, granite, laminate, marble, tile and even hardwood.

The goLEDgo Steam Mop X5  offers a good environmental alternative to regular mopping. Thanks to the steam technology, there is no need to use harsh and expensive chemicals to clean floors. After cleaning with the goLEDgo Steam Mop X, there will not be any fumes or residues. That can cause both long and short term health problems.

The dreaded task of mopping becomes enjoyable with the goLEDgo Steam Mop X5 —no more cleaning on your hands and knees. It eliminates lugging and constantly refilling buckets of water needed to mop your floor. The goLEDgo Steam Mop X5  works to sanitize your floors by using hot steam. It is equipped with the largest water tank in its class. Thus allowing you the maximum cleaning time before having to refill.

The goLEDgo Steam Mop X5 features a 3 high-grade chenille pad which allows it to remove hardened and sticky grime. The micro-fiber cloth pads are conveniently washable, saving you from spending money to constantly replace them.

goLEDgo Steam Mop X5 
goLEDgo Steam Mop X5

This steam cleaner has been compared to an clothing iron. It works extremely quietly and smoothly. The goLEDgo Steam Mop X5 is a huge success with seniors, housekeepers, housewives and even handy husbands. The chore of cleaning becomes simple. So you can focus your energy on the more important thing in life.

goLEDgo Steam Mop X5 Cleaner Features

  • Lightweight steam mop cleans and sanitizes hard floors and carpets
  • No detergents or chemicals needed; super absorbent microfiber cloths lift dirt and dry floors
  • 360-degree pivoting arrow-shaped head fits into tight corners and hard-to-reach spots

What’s in the box Mop X5:

  • Steam Mop X5 Unit
  • 2 pcs Ultra Absorbant Heavy Duty Deluxe Coral Steam Mop
  • 8 pcs Microfiber Mop
  • 4 pcs Micro Fiber Cloth-Standard for window/garments/duster
  • 1 Carpet Glider ,1 Slim Nozzle, 1 Nylon /1 Metal Round Brush, 1 Extension Hose
  • 1 Window Cleaner/Garment Steamer attachment, 1 Duster, Steel pin and manual

The goLEDgo Steam Mop X5 Cleaner Reviews

Reviewers have purchased the goLEDgo Steam Mop X5 as an alternative to regular mopping and claim they will never go back. Many reviewers’ biggest pet peeves are dirty floors. With all the action in their household, due to children or pets, their floors seem constantly dirty. They just don’t have time to get on their hands and knees and properly clean the floors.

The mop offers them exceptional performance. One reviewer says the mop is absolutely amazing. It heats up almost immediately. By the temperature it gets, she can tell it is properly disinfecting her floors. She appreciates the large water tank. It allows her to clean without having to stop and constantly. Thanks to the triangular mop head, she can successfully clean any corner.

Of course as with any products, reviewers do voice their complaints. Yet, there aren’t too many negative comments about the goLEDgo Steam Mop X5 . Overall reviewers are pleased with the performance of the goLEDgo Steam Mop X5 . One reviewer states it is the best deal she’s ever seen.

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