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The Monster Mop and Floor Steam Cleaner can sanitize each and every part of your home. The 1000 watt motor means  all dust particles and all other allergens are eliminated by this steamer. This floor steam mop is also wonderful and is useful in cleaning mirrors, sinks and showers. This user friendly product is lightweight and easily movable.

The Monster Mop and Floor Steam Cleaner is totally safe environmentally and there is no need of any chemicals. It features a changeable steam control which allows the user in controlling the steam. Monster Mop and Floor Steam Cleaner offers two direction steams which gives it an edge over its competitors. The two direction steam is generated from the front and bottom of the machine. It is capable of cleaning the hard surface of the floor as well as carpets.

Monster Wonder Steam Mop
Monster Wonder Steam Mop

The steam can kill bacteria in an effective manner without using harmful and damaging chemicals. The cleaning width of this steam cleaner is larger than average. This helps the user to do the job faster. It is ideal for stair risers, kitchen baseboards and vertical corners. The steam coming out loosens animal hair, dirt in the ground and grit with little effort and leaves carpets dry in less time. The steamer also features a stainless steel boiler.

Monster Floor Steam Mop Features

  • Maximum steam temperature is 266 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Height of the product is 48 inches
  • Width of the product is 12 inches
  • Depth of the product is 7.25 inches
  • Four steam levels
  • Capacity of the steamer is 17 oz
  • The cleaning path is 12 inches
  • The cord is 25 foot long
  • Two direction system of steam distribution from front and bottom
  • Steam can be sprayed downwards
  • Steam can be sprayed forward by the trigger control
  • The handle is ergonomic
  • It has power on light.
  • The product includes accessories like three microfiber clothes, Carpet sledge and spouted filling jug.

Monster Floor Steam Mop Reviews

This product has been loved and admired by many consumers. Many customers have liked this steam cleaner mainly because it can clean without the use of any nasty chemicals and the fact they work very effectively on hard surfaces. The hot steam is also capable of killing molds, mildew and parasites.

It may be a little heavier than expected to use. So perhaps not the best choice if you are unable to do light exercise. It would have been better if you could use it more easily under cabinets and tables. Power cord is nice and long and makes doing a larger room straightforward.

Monster Wonder Steam Mop
Monster Wonder Steam Mop

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The Good

  • Easy to put together
  • Easy to fill and heats up fast,No chemicals needed
  • Long cord

The Bad

    • Difficult to clean under counter edges
    • Pads can come off when used on rough surfaces
    • A little heavier than it looks

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