Can Steam Cleaner Really Clean Your Home?

Most households currently own a steam cleaner due to their popularity and the benefits advertised by the manufactures. One might wonder if these promises are really upheld. Or just hype to sell the units. Before considering one of these machines, it is best to understand the different types. Also how they clean so that one can make an informed purchase. It is best to know if the unit is appropriate for the intended task and if it really does what the advertising promises.

A Steam Cleaner To Keep Away Germs

A steam cleaner is meant to clean household surfaces and remove soil and germs deep from crevices and cracks. They are supposed to get rid of microscopic contaminants like mold, allergens, or fungus, which will not be touched with basic cleaning apparatuses. The units have heating elements that boil water internally to make the steam, and then they eject the water onto the surface. The hot steam loosens the dirt in carpets, upholstery or hard floors and counters. They are used to clean stains as well as everyday dirt.

A steam cleaner may require a cleaning solution for set-in stains or it may operate with only steam and mechanical brush parts. One will find a variety of sizes and styles when shopping for one of these machines. Some are quite small to use on stained spots. Others are quite large and made to deep clean wide areas, like wall to wall carpeted rooms. They will all look something like a regular suction vacuum cleaner, however.

Difference Between A Household Vacuum And A Steam Cleaner

The main difference in a household vacuum and a steam cleaner is that the classic vacuum is meant to clean only the top surface layer of a carpet, floor, or upholstered item. The steam cleaner will work deeper into the fiber to get to the soil and contaminants that have become embedded over time. It will also suck the dirty water back up to remove the soil completely. The user then discards this waste water. If the individual uses a standard vacuum cleaner after a good steam cleaning, this will make sure all of the dirt that was brought to the surface is removed. This is the best way to get a carpet really clean and deodorized.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Steam Cleaner

A Versatile Cleaning Appliance

A steam cleaner is a very versatile household cleaning appliance. One does not only clean carpets with it, but he or she can use it for hard flooring, furniture, and on many other surfaces to include cement garage floors or patios and wood decks. This is also a preferable method of cleaning areas susceptible to mold, like a damp basement or laundry room.

A common steam cleaner will use hot tap water  in the steam element. It can take a few hours or more for the cleaned area to dry completely. While it does produce fantastic results for removing contaminants and killing germs, a steam cleaner may not be ideal for cleaning an area that must be used soon afterward.

One must also consider that some units require chemical solutions as well as water and steam  for effective cleaning. Those who want the most efficient steam cleaner will want to look at a vapor type. This variety uses a dry steam that is created from heating the water at much higher temperatures. The steam ejects at a much higher pressure than most household steamers, as well. Vapor cleaners allows the carpets in a home to be used soon afterward. Because there is no dampness to worry about.


It is true that a steam cleaner is a very effective appliance for deep cleaning surfaces. These wonders will not only clean up, but they will sanitize the area at the same time. Understanding the uses and benefits of a steam cleaner should be helpful when determining which cleaning appliance is most useful and economical to purchase. It is very likely that anyone will benefit from adding one of these units to their cleaning supply arsenal.


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